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The President, The Terrorist and The Torturer


About the Author

The President, The Terrorist and The Torturer

Jason Beacon has been writing for over a decade. In this, his first published novel, can be found evidence of his interest in the exchange of cultural knowledge through common experiences, in the mystical and the esoteric, all wrapped up within a fast-paced story accessible to readers of all cultures and generations.

Book Details

  • Published: August 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-907248-00-9
  • Edition: 1st
  • Pages: 284

Book Reviews

“I have just finished reading The President, The Terrorist & The Torturer – it has been a while since I was last gripped by a book in such a way that even if I knew I had only thirty seconds I would pick it up and read as much as I could… A beautiful book, with a powerful and I would go so far as to say practical vision”
— Laura Fraser

London For London

“This is a magnificent book: a thrilling read, a proper old-fashioned page turner, with such mystery and yet with plausible, complex characters and a wonderfully thought-provoking denouement. Beacon is a writer of raw talent and craft – his message blends earthiness with inspiration, nostalgia with optimism, and reminds us how the best fiction edifies and entertains all at once”
— Dr Ben Irvine

Editor, The Journal of Modern Wisdom

“I read it in one breath. It’s not only an original story, it is sincere and poetic at the same time. The character of The Torturer is charming, mysterious, ruthless, true, infinitely wise. He is not only a being tasked with inflicting terror, he is a life philosopher. A deft weaver of words, of the calibre to make the air vibrate every time he speaks. Moreover, the book is finely presented and in limited edition. ‘The President, The Terrorist & The Torturer’ is not simply a book: it is an anthem to life. There is a recurring image throughout the narrative of a bird, which reminded me of a beautiful line from the film Restless: “There’s this kind of songbird that thinks it dies every time the sun goes down. In the morning when it wakes up, it’s totally shocked to still be alive, so it sings this really beautiful song. I’ve sung every morning since I met you…” At the end of the book, when you read the last line and close the page, you’ll feel truly happy to be alive. Guaranteed!”
— Silvia Casini

Che Donna Magazine