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    22 Feb 16
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Welcome to The Republic of Consciousness

Those of you who know us well, who have supported, invested - time-wise and financially - and, most importantly, loved our books, are aware of the scale of the struggle to survive as a small independent press. Moreover, you are also cognisant of the fact that the SIZE of a publishing house in the 21st Century is no guarantee of the quality of its wares. There could even be an argument for the opposite.

We're past sour grapes here at Guerilla. We just want to get more original, genius, wildcard life- and mind-changing authors' works into the hands of the readers who will appreciate them. As blogger Seth Godin observes, success is about connecting the right people: those who want, with those who have to give. Or preferably sell. A simple premise, but one that's hard to achieve with only a few pistachio shells and an ailing laptop for marketing purposes.

We are therefore most excited to see this initiative, set up by prize-winning author Neil Griffiths (Betrayal In Naples, Saving Caravaggio):

Neil talks about his 'discovery' of independent presses and subsequent indie habit here:

If we're to survive, we know we have to stick together, and this prize is a much-needed and inspirational amplifier for the efforts of independent publishers and their fresh-thinking authors in the face of ongoing mainstream banality. 

Thank you Neil, we're with you. 

Follow Neil here: and find his prize-winning & -nominated novels at a good independent bookstore NOW. (Or Amazon if you must...)

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  • I can remember reading Anthony Burgess’s autobiography back in the ‘90s, which in the version I had came in two generous volumes. I cannot now remember which volume it was, but he lamented even then that if literature was to survive, it would have to do so as a cottage industry. Lots of digital advances since then, so a publishing cottage industry is certanly now viable. We may live in hopes for the future of sensitive, intelligent literature. And well done Neil Griffiths.

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