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    09 Oct 16
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The Hurryat - A Tale of Freedom

When The Hurryat was first published under another name, less than a decade ago, it was profoundly relevant to the global political tensions of the time. Now, in the era of ISIL, internet beheadings, and further instability between West and East, its relevance is greater still. 

Hurryat comes from a Turkic word meaning "liberty" or "freedom". In the story, the Hurryat is a rare songbird. It is carried by a Torturer, who is sent to mediate between the story's two principal antagonists. While we might expect this character to inflict terrible suffering, what he reveals through his art is a common yet largely forgotten truth: we are already suffering. We have grown so used to it, however, that we barely notice the fact. We consider our unfortunate condition as the normal state of things, with the consequence that this suffering is projected out into the world, where it affects both ourselves and our fellow human beings. 

We witness the unfolding drama through the eyes of a boy, HassanHassan represents the curious child-like spirit in each of us. This is the part that senses injustice, that knows when another is in pain, or that wrong has been done - but which is often supressed by our conditioned adult selves. As the action in the book rises to an inescapable climax and a clash of worlds and cultures, it falls to Hassan to make an ultimate choice. For this he will require courage, and a new kind of faith.

We are currently witnessing instability on a huge scale in a critical part of the world - the line where cultures meet and blend and, like tectonic plates, often grind and cause unwarranted destruction. We see the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Israel and Palestine in constant friction and regular bloody horror. The media focuses our gaze on politicians, who claim and may even desire to have a solution to the problems. Rather than wait, however, for them to ameliorate a situation which is in truth far beyond their remit or capability to control, The Hurryat shows that with courage each one of us has the capacity to help put an end to this suffering.

The Hurryat is offered as an eBook. While Guerilla is known for producing beautiful physical limited editions, we felt the Hurryat's story needed to fly further than a few fortunate hands. Available from as little as $0.99, ALL publisher and author's profits will be apportioned to various groups and charities supporting child victims of the Syrian conflict.

In our digitised world, it is easy to distance oneself from the images that reach us via our screens. The flipside is that a simple click can make a very real difference.

You don't have to be an "e-Reader" to help. Download a Kindle app for free to your phone, buy from iTunes, or visit Smashwords here and download to your PC. Or simply spread the word - digitally (FB/Twitter/Instagram - the usual suspects #TheHurryat) or through good old-fashioned chat


"The Torturer's words came back to him. Now, Hassan remembered the feeling: how the bird's presence had infused his very soul:

Would you be so good as to carry the Hurryat for me?"


Whatever you do, we hope you meet her. Please help her fly.

Thank you.

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