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    22 Feb 16
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Essex Afterglow

THANK YOU - to all who joined and supported us last week at the launch of Max Allen's debut in The Society Club. You were a wonderful audience and it was a thrill to hear Max read from his first published book after years of experience, graft and determination. It couldn't have been a warmer, more appreciative atmosphere, so thank you again to all at The Society Club and to you for coming.


We have now sold a good number of books, though of course in order to get Max's next work and other deserving new authors into print we'd always like to sell more. This is where Max & Guerilla would love your help: as I forgot to mention in my excitement at the launch, please PLEASE once you have finished The Essex Resurrection,post a review. Rave about it to your friends, plaster Facebook/Twitter/Insta-thingy and all the usual suspects, and even if your typewriter breaks and renders you incapable of communicating via the medium of language, go to the book's Goodreads listing:

...and punch in the number of stars you feel it merits in your affections. (We like to start the bidding at around '5'...) It takes only a few seconds, but it makes a HUGE difference.

For those who would like to recommend to friends and/or buy further copies, The Essex Resurrection is available from The Society Club and a few other independent bookshops, or online from this website on our Catalogue page.

Please send them here, share the links, or we'll send Andy over with the boys...

Happy Reading - until next time!

Jason, Max & The Guerilla Crew

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