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We are big fans of independent booksellers the world over.

Online buying from large corporations leads to discounts and (often peculiar) algorithmic suggestions for what to read next. It's also quick and easy. And, like grabbing a cheap burger and fries, we all do it occasionally. But as any patient who has been operated upon by a surgeon who had a 'quick & easy medical education online' will tell you, such an approach has wider repercussions.

It's not an instantly tangible backfire. This is why we keep doing it. What happens is a slow but critical erosion of diversity and quality of material, dilution of knowledge, further breakdown of community/sense of locality, and another nail in the coffin for human relationships. Not concrete enough? The bottom line is that a good independent bookseller will help you find what you actually want to read; an online automated store will sell you whatever you're willing to buy.

This is a big debate, not confined to the world of books, obviously. If you fancy getting dirty, meet me for a pint at The Orwell Arms - I'll see you by the automated Guinness tap and we can have a bookFace-off. Meantime, check out these wonderful players:

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