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    29 Oct 11
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The Restorer

At last! After a protracted editing process, printing complications and a glass of red with the author, The Restorer is here. It will be launched in Florence on 24th November - details to follow - and in London in December. Anyone interested in Renaissance Italy, the history of painting, dark psychological thrillers with existentialist & metaphysical undertones - all the above - will love it. Daniela's prose is refined and fluid, keeping us hooked on Elfa's journey as she uncovers the lost fresco, unwittingly opening a Pandora's Box that will change everything irreversibly.

Christmas Deals! - Guerilla Books has 2 whole titles available this Noel: buy The Restorer online and receive The President, The Terrorist & The Torturer half price - a saving of £10. 'Perfect Gifts' blah blah baloney......

In the wings... - Guerilla is presently considering exciting works from new authors. We're after novels primarily but will consider short stories, non-fiction and poetry - the uniting factor is quality writing and insightful/stimulating/unusual themes. Have what it takes? Drop us a line.


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