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    02 Nov 15
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The Essex Resurrection

Tom Armitage needs this story. Bright, slick and outwardly affluent, he knows his career as a ‘lifestyle journalist’ is hollow. So when a chance introduction presents him with a scoop on a mystery that is dominating the nation’s tabloids, he throws himself into a new and dangerous world. Behind London’s glittering East End boom lies a darker bedrock many would sooner forget: drugs, organised crime, prostitution rackets, and murder. Every new character he encounters is intent on changing their life story – and they’re willing to sacrifice the truth to achieve it. As Tom unearths personal histories, connecting buried fragments from shattered lives, he shifts from observer to player in the game, a game with seemingly no rules save one: once you’re in, you never truly get out.

The Essex Resurrection is a tense and gritty psychological London-based thriller. Deftly woven from a cast of conflicting yet inescapably interrelated characters, it illuminates how our roots are never as clean and shimmering as the petals presented to the everyday world. Moreover, the book is based closely on a true story, from which the repercussions of Tom Armitage’s revelations must echo our own: for in what we habitually perceive, where does the fiction end, and reality begin?

The Author

Max Allen was born in East London and spent his childhood in West Essex. He studied Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge, and Filmmaking at the London International Film School. He takes a keen interest in the history of London, especially the East End and Soho. The Essex Resurrection is based closely on personal experience.

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